Monday: Closed
Tuesday-Thursday: 10am-11pm
Friday & Saturday: 10am-1am
Sunday: 11am–11pm

About Us

Are you looking for that special restaurant, where the mouth-watering smell of Italian foods cooking hits you in the face? I found it for you. Nardi’s Tower of Pizza has the best pizza in Addison. They have been in business since 1957. This is a great place for your family. The service is very friendly and joyful. Their prices are fairly low, and the best part is they have great food!

This friendly-filled restaurant has a great atmosphere for the family. The walls have certificates of their great achievements at making the best pizza. When you walk in, it feels just like home because you know you will be greeted with a smile. Nardi’s also has delicious tasting food. The smell of the pizza cooking draws you in for a slice. The aroma of different Italian foods cooking can even reach you in the street as you drive by. What else could a customer ask for? The next time you think authentic Italian, think Nardi’s!

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